Put yourself in examiner’s shoes

Have had a bitter experience of failing a driving practical test, ever wondered if you’re never going to be able to pass the driving test as the examiners are being too harsh or examiners just keep failing you because it’s easier for them to do so. The fact is examiner’s life is lot easier if they pass you, they don’t have to complete as much paperwork. When you fail your driving test, examiners have to complete a detailed report on what were the reasons you failed your driving test.

Driving test examiners have got a job to make sure that you are fully capable to drive on your own and in any road and traffic conditions. It is sometimes a hard decision for them to make but they always have a reasoning to pass or fail you. Our advice to the learners who have been unsuccessful in their practical test is to take this failure positively, ask the examiner for a detailed feedback, and ask what you can do to improve your driving so that you don’t repeat the same mistake in future.

Here at North Star Driving School, we prepare you for your driving test with great detail. We take pride in our success rate and we also carry out mock driving tests for you to understand and be fully prepared for every eventuality on your driving test day. Contact us now if you’ve failed your driving test and we’ll be happy to help.

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