Defensive Driving Training

Our Defensive Driving Training Course is designed for a wide audience including young drivers, teenage drivers and even for adults. Like any form of learning, Defensive Driving Training is for everyone who takes safety on the road very seriously.

Driving can be very risky depending on the environment you’re driving, potential hazards where you’re driving, and negligence from other drivers on the road.

Our experienced driving instructors can offer detailed training and explain the real life scenarios to keep you safe on the road. Some of the items covered by our driving instructors as part of the Defensive Driving Training Course include (but not limited to) are:

  • Anticipate and react to other driver’s behaviour
  • Understand the bigger picture around you while driving
  • Be prepared for emergency and how to react in critical conditions
  • Safe driving techniques in difficult weather conditions i.e. snow, rain, ice, fog and heavy winds
  • Controlling your emotions
  • React to changing road circumstances i.e. signals, traffic movement
  • Keeping safe distance, merging in traffic, negotiating turns, lane changes
  • Maintaining safe driving and handling traffic
  • Driving through City and Highway traffic confidently and safely
  • Watching out for distracted drives
  • Safe parking in various conditions and places
  • Many More

Why North Star Driving School for Defensive Driving

At North Star Driving School, we have the right vehicles for you to learn Defensive Driving. Our vehicles have following features:

  • State of the art latest vehicles that meet all safety standards
  • 5 Star safety rated vehicles
  • Equipped with dual control brakes
  • Secondary Mirrors
  • Highly visible cars (red or white coloured)
  • Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)
  • Daytime running lights
  • Advanced dual front airbags
  • Front Side impact airbags
  • Side Impact Curtains
  • Dynamic Stability Control
  • Traction Control System
  • Adaptive Front Lighting System
  • Active Front Headrests to help guard against injury

Contact North Star Driving School and speak to our driving instructor for more information now.

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